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Alcohol Treatment

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You drink when you are depressed. You drink because you think it will make you feel better. You drink when you are stressed about your job, marriage, or something else in your life. If any of that is true, you may have a problem with alcohol.

An alcohol addiction is more serious than many believe. While you may think it is possible to escape this rut on your own, it may take the knowledge and experience of a professional rehab center to get you back on track.

Generally speaking, alcohol addiction treatment consists of three essential stages:

  • Detoxification
  • Counseling
  • Aftercare


This is the first step in overcoming an alcohol addiction, as it cleanses your body and puts you on track to complete the subsequent steps. During this time, the patient may experience withdrawal symptoms, such as: depression, anxiety, mood swings, sweats, chills, and seizures.

Detoxification can last anywhere from a couple days to several weeks, based on the severity of the addiction.


During this time, you learn how to live a better life without the use of alcohol. In addition to education regarding the impact of alcoholism, you will build relapse prevention skills that are sure to be useful down the road.

Most rehab centers provide both group and individual sessions to ensure the best possible results.


Once your time at a rehab center is complete, it does not mean that you want to forget about what you have gone through. Instead, an aftercare program will keep you feeling good about the future. This may include but is not limited to additional counseling and participation in a 12 step program.

Is now the time for you to take back your life? If an alcohol addiction has you down, contact for more information and assistance on locating a high quality rehab facility. We will ensure that you are never alone on your quest to become alcohol free.

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